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Middle Eastern Food with International Influences

South Molton st. mayfair

shepherd market mayfair

Oxford st. Marylebone

SOUTH MOLTON st. mayfair

Cooking with LOVE

We are passionate about what we do and we believe cooking is love!

Hüseyin Özer

The restaurant business is an art. We teach communication skills: how to care for people; to value them without discriminating regarding race, ethnicity, religion; to welcome our guests with the right body language and to look after them well; to be one hundred percent honest; to teach that eating itself is an art, and to eat healthily is essential.

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Shepherd Market Mayfair

Oxford st. Marylebone

South Molton st. Mayfair

South molton st. Mayfair

Only the freshest ingredients

We never compromise quality and freshness. We are using only the freshest ingredients.

Like a well-balanced dish, a great nation is made of two key ingredients: good food to nourish the body and good people to feed the soul. Together, they create a recipe for a thriving and flavorful society.

huseyin ozer